What will come in my BootayBag?

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Each month our BootayBag designers produce 2 thongs, 2 coverage undies (cheeky/bikini), and 1 (or two!) bralette in that month’s collection. We post details of the monthly collection and bag types on our Instagram on the first of each month. We recommend following us at @bootaybag to stay up to date!

The 4 pack subscription ($28) offers all 4 pairs in that month’s collection! You can also select the 1 pair ($10) in Always Thong or Never Thong, or the 2 pair subscription ($18) in the Always Thong, Never Thong, or in the Mix it Up style. 

Please note: you can add bralettes for only $10-$18 and any additional undies not already in your bag for $5-$8.

These will ship with your next scheduled bag in your account portal as long as they are added before the 14th of each month. Any changes on your account (address, payment, items, etc.) should be made before the 14th of each month in order for them to reflect on that month's bag.

Based on the subscription you have chosen you can expect to get one, two or four pairs of undies based on your style preference of: Mix it Up (combination), Never Thong or Always Thong. 

To see the current month and what bag each item is in, scroll past your subscription in your account to see the collection.

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