How can I earn rewards?

Emily Bruner Updated by Emily Bruner

Easy, babe! We now use Loyalty Lion which allows you to earn rewards based on tiers for maximum points! 

1. Refer a friend - 600 points

  • Refer a friend to BootayBag, friend will receive 20% off their first bag & advocate will receive 600 points to use on any reward that is available to them (based on tier)

2. Make a Purchase (varies based on tier) 

  • Tier system that lets you earn more points, the higher your tier is  (tier levels are denoted by amount spent as shown in parentheses below)
  • Best Babe: 10 points /1 spent  ($0-74.99)
  • Boss Babe: 12 points / 1 spent ($75-149.99)
  • Total Babe: 15 points / 1 spent  ($150-399.99)
  • Forever Babe: 15 points/1 spent ($400+)

3. Birthday (varies based on tier) 

  • Best Babe: 100 points for celebrating a birthday
  • Boss Babe: 120 points
  • Total Babe: 150 points
  • Forever Babe: 175 points

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