I Never Received My Bag

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Oh no! We are sorry to hear you didn't receive your bag. There are a few reason your bag may have not arrived and we'd love to get you taken care of!

Exception (Return to Sender, Missent, etc): Sometimes the post can have trouble delivering your bag. If this is the case we try to reach out to you first once we receive notice the post is having trouble getting your bag to you. If we haven't reached out, just shoot us a quick message and we will get you taken care of!

Delivered (but not there): If your bag is marked delivered and you haven’t seen it within 2 business days, just shoot us a quick message so we can look into it!

Tracking not Updating: We are just as excited for you to receive your bag as you are, so we watch closely! Tracking can take a few days to update after we first send out your order. As your bag is on it's way to you, if you notice a delay in updates longer than 3-5 days please let us know and we can take a peek at what is going on.

In any case of shipping issues, please provide your address so we can confirm we have it correct!

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